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Merb One-Dot-Oh Is Here!

Posted on One min read

Merb Logo

After having released five release candidates during the past few weeks, Merb 1.0 was announced earlier today. The application that this blog is running on has been using Merb as the underlying application framework since Merb 0.5 was released. Merb has undergone several major changes since, giving me several headaches when upgrading my applications to new versions of Merb. But it taught me a lot on how the framework works and the Merb team has promised that they will keep the public API as stable as possible now 1.0 is released.

Congratulations to the Merb team and all contributors that made this framework to what it is today: an easy to understand, flexible and modular framework for developing web applications. I am looking forward to see what the future of Merb will bring!