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jQuery treeTable 2.0

Posted on 2 mins read

Today I released treeTable, a jQuery JavaScript plugin. This plugin is essentially the same as the ActsAsTreeTable plugin I released just one month ago.

So, why the name change?

Well, I didn’t like the ActsAsTreeTable name to begin with. Then why didn’t I use treeTable to begin with? That’s because there already exists a plugin that is named almost the same (jQTreeTable) and it does almost the same thing as my plugin. It works a bit differently, but it also displays a tree in a table. After a month of thinking I haven’t come up with a better name and jQTreeTable doesn’t look very much alive at this point, so I have decided that I will just use the name ‘treeTable’.

What’s new?

With ActsAsTreeTable being my first jQuery plugin ever, I wanted to do a bit of refactoring to let the plugin benefit from everything I’ve learned about jQuery during the last month. And I wanted to find out how hard it would be to implement drag & drop with jQuery UI. Other changes are some additional and renamed configuration options and the addition of a minified version of the plugin (less than 4 KB!).

Dragging and dropping

The most notable feature is the addition of the appendBranchTo function, which lets you move an entire branch in the tree by dragging and dropping. The documentation contains an example that shows how to use this method in combination with Draggables and Droppables.

Dragging and dropping with jQuery treeTable