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New Design, New Language

Posted on One min read

Welcome to my updated weblog! Until now, all my posts have been written in Dutch. As of this post I’m switching to English as the primary language for this blog. But the language change isn’t the only major change around here, both the design and the software for this blog have been updated too. I’ve switched from using Mephisto to my own blogging slash publishing solution, named to-publish. It is open-source, so feel free to use it, change it or contribute to it. At the moment, the features of this application are rather limited, just enough for myself to start using it.

To-publish is part of a number of applications that I’m developing for my own use, including to-elevate (a Getting Things Done next action management application) and to-imagine (an image sharing/publishing application). To-imagine will be used to serve the images on this weblog as soon as I think it is ready to do so. A demo of to-elevate is already publicly available at