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Google's Most Annoying Feature

Posted on 3 mins read

Localized Google links

Google Search is great. When I query it, it is almost always capable of finding something useful among the billions of webpages out there. But it has one ‘feature’ that drives me crazy: it makes decisions for me. Whenever I enter in the address bar of a browser, it decides that I want to go to This wouldn’t be so bad if the Dutch version gave me the same results as the English version, but it doesn’t. Not even for a query with English keywords.

Why does Google do this? I have no idea, maybe Google believes that its users are stupid. What other reasons could there be to do something like this to your users? The user is given no feedback at all on that he has been redirected to a different site than the one he chose to go to. Most users will not even notice that this happened, but they do get ‘crippled’ search results.

From Good Through Bad To A Little Better

In the early days of Google, was just There were no localized versions of the search page and everything was great. Some time after the localized versions started to appear someone decided that it would be great to automagically redirect a user to a search page in his language. When this suddenly happened I was immediately annoyed. I was even more annoyed when there didn’t exist an easy option to disable this behavior. Luckily, after some time a link appeared on the search page labeled ‘ in English’. Finally I could switch back to how I expected to be able to search the internet! But I still have to do this on every computer that I use, in every browser that I use and whenever my cookies are deleted.

So after a really bad period in which I couldn’t even choose to go to the page that I requested the situation has improved. But recently I encountered a new problem: Google Search on the Apple iPhone. I cannot use the built-in Google search bar in Mobile Safari, because it immediately decides that I want to use On top of that I can barely use the mobile website because, although it has a link to let me use the English version, it will redirect me to every single time I open Safari.

Software Should Not Think

Computers are stupid and that is not going to change anytime soon. Therefore a computer is not suitable to make decisions for me. When it does, it is more annoying than helpful. I am a conscious human being and I can make conscious decisions. So if I enter in the address bar it means that I deliberately chose to go to Likewise, if I want to go to, I will enter in the address bar.

It is a good thing to make suggestions to your users if you think they might want to be somewhere else, but it should be nothing more than that: a suggestion. But even making a suggestion has to be implemented carefully, an example of a site that tries to do this is eBay. Their implementation still annoys me, but at least it gives me the opportunity to decide whether I am on the right page or not.

eBay's way of letting user select his homepage

Known Workaround

I really hope that Google will revert this behavior someday. Until that day, the best workaround to the problem described in this article is to move to the United States. When a person in the US browses to he won’t be redirected to a different site, since already is his localized version of the Google search page.