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Booch? 2008

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Booch? is an annual summer festival, held in my hometown: Heerlen. This years eleventh edition of this free festival brought artists like Moke, Claw Boys Claw and Aux Raus. But Booch? is also a podium for new bands and undiscovered local talent to play themselves in the picture. The festival is organized by a large group of volunteers, working hard to make the last weekend of August into one big party. And they did a great job this year! Despite the lack of sunshine and the not-so-warm temperatures, the festival attracted a large crowd that got carried away by the enthusiasm of Aux Raus and discovering new sounds performed by fresh upcoming artists.

It was time for me to pick up my camera and start shooting pictures. Booch? is a great opportunity for me to experiment with taking photographs under less-than-optimal light conditions. This blog shows just a small selection of the photos that I’ve shot. More photos by me and other photographers are available at the special photopage on the website of Booch?.

For the Dutch visitors: Mijn foto’s van Booch? 2008 zijn voorlopig ook te bekijken op (

Aux Raus


Claw Boys Claw